Local Cuisine - Sampling The Best Places in Hastings

Anna Miles Rocklands


I recently enjoyed a self catering holiday in Hastings staying at the Rocklands Apartments located at the top of East Hill. I came to take in the scenery and try out the local hospitality and  traditional food of a typical English seaside resort.

So it was with no small amount of joy that I set out to try and find the best places to eat in the area around Hastings. It’s a great place for people to relax and enjoy themselves, but there’s definitely a lot to appreciate and enjoy. I found that there was a lot in the way of options when it comes to finding good places to find food. I thought I’d share my experiences here, just to see what it means to try and experience a whole section of culture all at once.

So, What Did I Find?

My exploration of the world around me found that there was an emphasis on tradition and keeping to tried and tested favourites. To shed a little light on the background, Hastings is predominantly a fishing town, with a fleet of ships that regularly go out and collect fish to sell on and feed people with. Consequently, a lot of the places that are popular in town are fish and chip shops, for obvious reasons.

However, it’s not just a case of identical shops - each establishment has its own unique selection of foods, and each recipe is different. They may use the same basic ingredients, but there’s always a subtle twist in the way that the fish is prepared or the way that the chips are cooked. It’s quite refreshing, to be honest, and helped me to see that there was something different to explore every night.

Hastings Fish & Chips

Fish and Chips

You know, on the subject of fish and chips, it does have a pretty interesting history that most people don’t know about. The idea of fish and chips as a meal goes back at least 200 years, and it was both London and Lancashire which stake a claim in the creation of what is a favourite among the nation.

You see, while it was London the first to popularise the idea of fried fish, it was 1863 that saw the birth of the fish. A man was known to sell the two different foods together from a hut, and it became trendy. Once the man moved to a more permanent shop, it began what we know and love today - fried fish with chips.

So, my experience with the local cuisine was mostly about fish and chips. I confess to trying out a couple of different options to see what was available, and it was easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all.

There were so many different interpretations on the same thing, and it really made you stop and think about what you could do with what was, in essence, the same fish over and over again.

In the old town especially, fish and chip shops are pretty standard. You might find other options in other places, but the basic premise remains in that area.

I had a lot of fun exploring all that was on offer and introducing it into my holiday!


Anna Miles - Traveler