Rye East Sussex – a historic Cinque Ports town

Rye is a beautiful ancient town of Rye full of charm and history. At one time, the hilltop town of Rye played a major part in the defense of the English coast. Today it is a town that attracts thousands of visitors to its streets.

Rye East Sussex is famous for its seafood thanks to its location. Some of the town’s restaurants even offer up perfectly prepared seafood dishes caught that day by Rye’s fishing fleet.

Rye also offers visitors plenty of shopping as the town has some excellent shops selling furniture, antiques and other offerings to travelers. Rye has plenty of independent shops as well, to find something different than in today’s modern big box stores.

For visitors looking to get outside of the town and into its natural surroundings, travelers can head for the various walks in the area. The winding walks around Rye meander over hills and through woods full of wildlife.

Rye Cobblestone Streets

During England’s medieval period, Rye was one of England’s most popular towns. Rye was the center for many of the country’s musicians, artists, and celebrities.

Nowadays, Rye isn’t the haven for celebrities like it once was. However, it is a place that tourists regularly visit. Rye is a perfect spot for visitors to experience the south coast of England. Quaint restaurants and cafés dot the streets, offering a variety of cuisines to travelers.

One of the most popular tourist spots in Rye is St. Mary’s Church tower. Visitors can view the area from atop the tower, seeing the beautiful architecture of Rye and the rivers that meet near the town. The Rother, Tillingham and Brede rivers meet as they flow toward the sea. St. Mary’s Church tower offers a perfect vantage point to see the natural beauty of the region.

The vast amount of history in the area makes Rye the best spot to stay, allowing guests to explore the various historic points around it. However, Rye isn’t just about its historic streets and Georgian houses.


Rye Beach
Rye Beach


Rye Fishing Boat

Rye Fishing Boat – Flickr 



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