East Hill Cliff Railway and Nature Park Hastings


East Hill Cliff Funicular Railway in Hastings


The East Hill Cliff railway in Hastings opened in 1903 and provides breath-taking views of Hastings’ Old Town and Rock-a-Nore. Beloved by locals and sought out by tourists, the funicular provides the area with much of its identity.

One of two funiculars in Hastings, The East Hill Cliff Railway is the more fascinating of the two. The East Hill funicular takes passengers up the cliff to Hastings Country Park, a beautiful nature reserve covering 660 acres. While the West Hill funicular still retains its wooden Victorian structure, the East Hill Cliff Railway has its own special charm.

The Rocklands self catering apartments are located just 10 minutes walk from the top end of the East Hill Cliff railway. You can then either enjoy the stunning view over the town and beach area, walk down the stops to the old town or go take the funicular.

The East Hill is the United Kingdom’s steepest funicular railway in use today and is a main Hastings point of interest. Compared to the West Hill, which runs through a tunnel, the East Hill funicular is cut into the cliff giving wide-open views. Running up the cliff, rather than through it, allows those below to view the East Hill funicular from various points in Hastings. Which has made it a point of pride with the town.


East Hill Cliff Funicular Railway in Hastings



The funicular also provides passengers with views of the Stade. The Stade is a beach that has been the site of fishing boat launches for thousands of years. In fact, many of the fishing boats that patrolled the waters near the UK were set to sea at the stade.

The building of the funicular began in the early 1900s, and due to deep rock faults, the railway’s builders had extreme difficulty during construction. The funicular’s unveiling was even postponed due to the problems the workers met, delaying the original opening in 1902. Interestingly, the East Hill line is the younger of the two funiculars in Hastings. The West Hill lined was built in 1889, and the cost pushed the original building company into bankruptcy.

At the funicular’s lower station is George Street, which is packed with cafes, restaurants and local shops that attract tourists every day.



Adults wanting to ride the East Hill lift can do so for £2.60 return. Meanwhile, children can buy a return ticket for £1.60. There are also season tickets for those living in the area.

Still a hot British tourist spot, Hastings has much to offer those seeking a longer self catering holiday or just a weekend adventure. The Rocklands holiday park is a perfect choice for self catering holidays, short weekend breaks or longer holidays in East Sussex.

The East Hill Cliff Railway is a beautiful reminder of Britain’s past. The East Hill line was a technology marvel when it was opened over 100 years ago that is still putting smiles on faces young and old. Now a 113-years old, the East Cliff Railway is still going strong, and will continue amazing crowds for years to come.



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