1066 Country Walks and Battle Abbey

1066 country walks is a spectacular way to see the area’s historic past. Visitors can experience an amazing hands-on history lesson by walking in the same footsteps as soldiers centuries ago.

The town of Battle is known around the world as the setting for the Battle of 1066, but the Country Walk offers a glimpse into so much more. Running 50 kilometers, the walk commemorates the people that lost their lives during the battle. It also helps link the area’s past with the present. The country walk gives visitors the opportunity to see the Battle, Hastings and East Sussex landscapes.

Battle Abbey East Sussex


Amazingly, the battlefield has barely been modified over the years. It is considered one of the least altered medieval battlefields today. It is estimated that 14,000 soldiers fought during the Battle of Hastings and the area is full of ghosts of those fallen men.


The area is scattered with relics and ruins from the Battle of 1066 as visitors can explore the region. Guests can live the history of 1066 Country by stepping foot on to its paths, seeing the field similar to how it would have looked centuries ago. Signs on the path point walkers in the direction of ruins and various sites.


Senlac Hill Battle


While exploring 1066 Country, guests can see the ruins of William the Conqueror’s abbey. The abbey’s ruins stand as a memorial to the Battle of Hastings. Despite few remnants remaining of the former abbey, it is still a breathtaking site.



Battle East Sussex


The beautiful walled garden is located near the abbey. It is one of the quieter, more relaxing areas visitors can stroll through as they visit the abbey in 1066 Country.

The Ice House and Dairy are two of the newly re-modeled attractions for guests. Built-in 1818, the Ice House and Dairy have just had a new thatched roof put on the buildings.

The two buildings were not part of the original abbey but built when the abbey was transformed into a country house. Both offer a look into yesteryear.

The 1066 Country Walk and Battle Abbey offer much to see and do. Visitors interested in visiting the region will get a lesson in history as they walk amongst the beauty of East Sussex..

Battle is located just 8 miles away and a 25 minutes drive from Rocklands Holiday Park in the heart of 1066 country.


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