Hastings Shipwreck Museum and Fisherman’s Museum


One of the jewels of town is the Hastings Shipwreck Museum. Featuring artifacts from many ships that were found at the bottom of the English Channel, the museum offers insight into the area’s rich shipping and fishing history.

Although the Hastings Shipwreck Museum is not very large, it offers plenty to see and experience. Visitors can walk through the museum and view materials from some of the most famous ships to sail European waters.

There are artifacts from the Amsterdam a Dutch East Indiaman of 1749 and the Anne of 1690. In addition, there are materials from the Charles II warship. Historians of all kinds will be fascinated with the items that are on display.

The Hastings Shipwreck Museum also uncovers the environmental factors that have helped keep each wreck preserved. It is a truly educational look at shipping and sea vessels.

Admission is free to the public and the museum is located at the Maritime Park. Over one million visitors have been to the shipwreck museum since it opened its doors 30 years ago.



Hastings Fishermens Museum
Hastings Fishermens Museum


Another one of Hastings’ favourite tourist hot-spots is the Fishermen’s museum. The Hastings Fishermen’s Museum is a way for the area to preserve its fishing past, and gives visitors the chance to see how the industry evolved in the region.

Open in 1956, the museum was started in the old Fishermen’s Church. For 60 years, the Fishermen’s Museum has been one of Hastings’ most popular tourist sites. Reported 140,000-plus guests visit the museum each year, educating themselves on the town’s amazing fishing past.

The Fishermen’s Museum, built in the Gothic-revival style, is now a grade II listed building. However, it isn’t just its architectural significance that makes it a key part of the Hastings community. It is the stories it held within its walls that make it so special.

Inside the Fishermen’s Museum, visitors can find models of boats and ships, old photographs, paintings, nets, ropes and a plethora of ancient fishing artifacts.


Fishermens Net Huts Hastings
Fishermens Net Huts Hastings


Both the Hastings Shipwreck Museum and the Fishermen’s Museum are treasures in the area. The two buildings tell tales of the region’s history in the shipping and fishing industries. Both continue the legacies of the men that gave their lives to the sea and helped build Hastings and Great Britain.


Fishermens Museum Hastings
Fishermen’s Museum Hastings


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